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Écrit par : Tealque Dec 7 2008, 11:14 PM

Voila comme le titre l'indique je un problème avec gta 4 sur pc (ma carte graphique ATI radeon 4850 )
alors le bug comme limage (la vue ) de gta commence a tanguer de gauche a droite de plus en plus fore mais je garde le contrôle du personnage (c'est super chiant pour viser) et dés que je monte en voiture celle ci avance toute seul impossible de reculer
au début je pensait que c'était un problème de terre car a chaque foi que je touchait mon synthé ou sa carcasse sa le faisait mais je l'ai entièrement débrancher et je n'y touche plus et sa recommence
alors si quel qu'un pouvait m'aider merci d'avance

Écrit par : Strack Dec 11 2008, 10:22 PM


As tu essayé les nouveaux pilotes de ATI sortis aujourd'hui ?

Écrit par : ScoOtch Mar 16 2009, 04:37 PM

J'ai le même probleme que le tien ! Comment ta fait pour le récupérer ??
Merci d'avnace

Écrit par : aarose Oct 8 2009, 03:44 AM

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Several needle attacks have been reported since late last month, said Qian Baiyun, director of the publicity department of Xi'an public security bureau.
His bureau has sent more than 2,400 policemen to patrol downtown areas around the clock to keep public order and search for any potential criminals.
Starting Sept 13, every bus in the city will be checked by policemen with police dogs before it begins operation every morning. More than 5,000 plain-clothes police and security staff will be on duty on every bus to guard its safety, Qian said.
Local police also announced that they will crack down on the needle attacks, which are considered a serious criminal activity, according to the law.
The police said in a statement that those who have carried out needle attacks should give themselves up to police as soon as possible. Those who do will receive a reduction in or exemption from punishment if they report and expose other attackers.
Those who received the needle-like pricks are showing no obvious trauma or any other complications, the police said.
Ma Zhonglin, deputy director of Xi'an public security bureau, said that his bureau had taken strict measures to ensure social order and has worked hard to track down criminals as soon as possible.
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